3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Changing Your Porsche Engine Oil

Silver porsche carWhether you choose to do it yourself or you hire a mechanic, having your Porsche checked and treated according to the best car care practices is important. When it’s maintained properly, the benefits are numerous. You can save on repair costs and find a great deal in case of a resale.

However, there are mistakes that you or your mechanic might do in the course of servicing that might damage such an expensive car. Formula Motorsports outlines some of those errors and the effective ways to avoid them.

1. Filling engine with wrong oil

Porsche engines are uniquely manufactured. They come with features that are different from other vehicle makes and models. As a result, using the wrong type of oil can cause inefficiency in performance and reduce its longevity. It is, therefore, important to read the owner’s manual to see the type of oil recommended for your car.

2. Improper fixing of the oil filter

An engine oil filter is meant to ensure that the oil that enters the engine and its components is free of debris. Failure to fix it correctly makes it lose its function. As a result, dirt and debris damage your internal engine components. It’s important to use the right oil filter for your Porsche.

3. Over-filling or under-filling your engine

The new oil must reach a certain level during your Porsche oil change. Filling it beyond that level allows for leakages in the gaskets and seals. On the other hand, under filling engine oil is detrimental as well since some components will experience more friction. So, it’s best to ensure that the new oil is filled precisely to the recommended level all the time.

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Car oil change shouldn’t be daunting for anyone. Nevertheless, it’s good to ensure that you get everything right. Remember that the engine is among the most expensive components of your vehicle. So, failure to care for it properly can lead to costly problems in the future.