Typical Fees Included in a Limo Rental

Limo RentalFor a long time, limousines were only a preserve of celebrities and the rich. Luckily, you can now travel in a limousine thanks to the various rental services that have come up. It need not be a wedding or prom night for you to enjoy a limo ride.

It is also ideal for picking large parties from the airport or when giving yourself a luxurious treat. Most people assume a limousine for hire is expensive, but this is far from the reality. There are different elements your rental company will include in its charges which determine the ultimate fee.

The key for an inexpensive ride lies in knowing the necessary expenses that you should plan for. Here are these fees.

Travel Time Charges

This is the basic fee charged by a limo rental service. It includes an hourly rate fee for the use of the limo. The travel time charges are calculated in three ways including a flat hourly, garage-to-garage or point-to-point bases.

Point-to-point charge bills you based on the distance from your pick up and drop off locations while garage-to-garage bills you from the moment the limo leaves the rental’s facility. Your travel time charge is primarily dependent on your location and total travel time.

Toll Fees

If there are any fees you need to pay during your ride, these charges will reflect on your final cost. Bridge tolls, parking and airport taxes are among the common ones. The rental company might also charge a sales tax, depending on your local regulations.


Most rental companies include fuel and administrative surcharges in their costs. The administrative surcharge covers workman and automotive insurance. The fuel surcharge changes depending on the prevailing pump prices.

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Cost is one of the critical elements which will determine your choice of a limo rental company. With a better understanding of the above charges, you are in a better place to make a right decision. The exact policies for these charges, however, differ among companies.