Types of Light Accessories for Commercial Vans

Commercial VanFor most companies, a van is a commercial workhorse. It carries workers, equipment, and tools to outdoor sites and transports a business’s inventory. There are van types with different specifications.

The sprinter van remains the number one choice due to its low-level maintenance and ample loading capacity.  Lighting is one of the bestsellers at dealerships in Salt Lake City like Warner Vans of Utah. Additional lighting fixtures enhance visibility in and around your sprinter van and boost its safety. Here are the common lighting options for your trailer:

Adjustable Floodlights

These are generally used to illuminate a van’s exterior. The 12v halogen floodlights are the number one choice for most commercial vans. They are supplied with a cigarette lighter socket plug and coiled cord. Adjustable floodlights may come with a permanent or magnetic base for mounting to your trailer.

Revolving Warning Lights

These are meant for providing a signal for emergency vans and those working at construction sites. Revolving warning lights come with a magnetic base, which allows you to attach them to the side or roof of your trailer when you need them. When not in use, the magnetic core will enable you to connect them inside your van. The revolving light comes with coiled electrical cords that plug into your van’s factory-installed cigarette lighter socket.

LED Spotlights

These have a non-scratch magnetic base for easy positioning and are typically installed in your van’s interior to boost visibility. They are lightweight, have compact dimensions, and come with spiral cables and 12v power socket plugs. Most LED spotlights for trailers have a luminosity of about 1,500 lumens with low energy consumption at only 18 watts.

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Every sprinter van is typically a blank canvas that you can customize in any way you want. The room for customized lighting that sprinter vans allow makes them worth every dollar you spend on them. The given lighting accessories are guaranteed to transform virtually any commercial sprinter van.