Parenting Trends: What’s Lighthouse Parenting?

mother and child playingThere’s no single, right way to raise children, but there are merits into looking at different parenting styles and adopting principles that would fit into your beliefs and lifestyle. One of the most popular approaches to raising kids, which has gained traction in the past few years, is lighthouse parenting.

Lighthouse Parenting Explained

A principle coined by pediatrician Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, lighthouse parenting essentially likens moms and dads to lighthouses. Lighthouses are supposed to help people navigate their way through, keeping them from crashing against rocks and preparing them for the big waves.

In the same manner, parents must guide and support their kids, but at the same time, let them experience life’s ups and downs so they could learn resilience themselves.

To Guide and To Let Go

The general principle of lighthouse parenting is two-fold: love kids through wise, consistent direction and be at peace in allowing kids to fail. It’s much like the art of learning how to bike, says MADSEN Cycles.

Remember in their youngster years, you would have them on a family bike or hold their bike seats as they make their first pedals. As they gain momentum and master balance, you let go of them and eagerly hope they won’t fall. But if they do, you’re a second away from them wiping tears and dirt away, and getting them back on.

One of the simplest ways to apply lighthouse parenting is losing your grip in finishing your daughter’s homework or letting them walk on their own from school to your house. These are baby steps towards trusting them more and essentially, trusting yourself more that you did all that you can to make them the independent people that they are.

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For teens, it’s tempting to take much control as you can when they enter into romantic relationships. But the best thing you can do is to give them sound advice and just step back and allow them to experience the highs and lows of teenage love, even if it will lead to their heartbreaks.

Raising children isn’t easy. In fact, it involves a lot of mess and misses. But all these are necessary for parents to be better guides. Better lighthouses.