What Wedding Car Should You Choose for Your Special Day?

Wedding Car RentalEvery small detail matters when it comes to weddings. Of all the people involved in the planning process, the bride understands this best. Traveling from home to church or from the church to the party place can be a challenge if you have the wrong wedding car.

According to Prestige Keys, your wedding car for hire serves as one of the most significant considerations you make on your wedding day. Many people see wedding car rental only involves luxury cars but this is not the case.

Choose a car that can break the present wedding rules and still make you happy.

Vintage Wedding Cars

Depending on the theme or motif of your wedding, you may consider vintage wedding cars. You can rest assured that such cars can make a grand entrance for you.
Getting a retro style luxury, a 1950 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or a 1940 Austine Sheerline can be an excellent choice. They can accommodate four people. The bride, the husband, the bridesmaid, and the best man can fit in the car if that’s how you want it.

Novelty Wedding Cars

You can choose a bright red London Bus to carry the entire bridal party to the wedding. The same vehicle can accommodate your guests and bring them to the reception. Other than being fun, it’s a very sociable way for them to travel.
To fully exhaust the bus hire, you have your bridesmaids and guests take tours. They can do this while you and your partner become busy with your wedding photo shoot.

Buses are available in many choices. You can even personalize it. With one bus, you can maybe make your wedding a very unique and original piece.

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Your wedding adventure does not stop with the vehicle of your choice. You can decorate the car to match the theme of your wedding. Through it, you can communicate your feelings for the much awaited day. That car can be the memorable moment and item in your dream wedding if you’re up for it. Convenience with style at its best is what you get.