Road Trip in NZ: Which Places to Visit in Auckland

Auckland New ZealandIf you’re exploring the countries in the Southern Pacific, you might as well visit New Zealand. While it seems almost at the frontier of the world, it never fails tourists and locals as far as surprises are concerned.

And if you’re planning to visit the country, you should never miss Auckland. The largest urban area in the country has a lot of activities and points of interests for you. Down for an adventure? It’s time to get a vehicle for hire in Auckland because you have many places to visit. Here are some of them:

The Auckland Sky Tower

If you’re into skyscrapers, the Auckland Sky Tower should be one of the first orders of your business. It’s the country’s highest tower, which means it will give you a panoramic and breathtaking view of the city. If your heart is strong enough, you can even try ‘sky-walking’ or ‘sky-jumping’.

One Tree Hill

No, it’s not the U.S. TV series! It’s a volcanic peak in Auckland where you can commune with nature and at the same time see a view of the city. The path is lined with trees and pastures that will make perfect Instagram pictures. The lush greens will make you believe that nature and urbanisation can thrive well together.

Waitemata Harbour

If you’ve been driving around town all day, you can cap the day at Waitemata Harbour. Staying at this site will give you a night-time treat in the form of glistening lights of the city’s skyline. You may even enjoy a pint of beer or two while marvelling at the wonders around you.

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Every corner you turn, you’ll discover that a surprise awaits you. The local life, the architecture, the people, and the friendly weather will all make your sojourn in Auckland truly memorable.