Prioritize Passenger Safety with the Audi A4

Modern Audi interiorCases of car crashes in New Zealand have been increasing steadily over the past five years. The road accident toll peaked at 380 deaths in 2017, a big jump from the 253 total in 2013. Experts caution that, following the current trends, the road toll this year may reach at least 400.

Statistics show that losing vehicular control is responsible for 34% of fatal car crashes in 2016. Fortunately, smart technology is now available in cars like the Audi A4 that reduce the likelihood of sudden loss of control and collisions.

The features and crash ratings of the Audi A4 make it a popular choice for consumers who focus on safety and luxury. In fact, the model was responsible for 11% of all Audi sales in New Zealand in 2015, shares

Collision Warning System

The forward collision warning is a standard feature in all Audi A4s. The system uses a windscreen-mounted camera and radar sensors to analyse road data then alerts you of possible collision threats. The car’s computer can also give suggestions on how to evade the danger.

Warning systems also help prevent accidents due to distracted driving. The one installed in the Audi A4 even aids drivers in making lane changes or steering the car away from obstructions. Additionally, the system implements a brake intervention in case of distraction.

Anti-Lock Brake System

All Audi A4s also come with an anti-lock brake system that minimises sudden loss of control. Car tires can stop working when you brake suddenly or excessively, which further increases the possibility of skidding. The anti-lock brake system reduces brake pressure on the tire that’s not rotating. It also lowers the engine power to help you maintain control and improve stability.

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If you often drive during the rainy season, the anti-lock brake systems will come in handy. Accidents due to loss of control happen more often on these weather conditions because your tires have less traction on wet roads.

The Audi A4 is one of the top luxury cars in terms of safety and crash test results. The standard A4’s built-in collision warning systems and anti-lock brake system give you an extra layer of protection against road accidents in the country.