Know Your Car’s Auto Transmission

Mechanic checking vehicleMany factors play a role in ensuring that your car runs smoothly. Key among them is the vehicle’s transmission. Traditionally, there are manual and automatic transmissions. With the advent of electric cars, there are now specialized transmissions that suit every car’s engine.

Frequent auto transmission services at a car service shop in Clear Field is essential to maintain your car properly. There are diverse types of transmission services your mechanic will recommend, as the mechanics at Shadetree Automotive explain, and here are some of them.

Filter and Pan Transmission Service

This service includes the removal of both sides of your pan bolts. The bolt on your car’s lower side is loosened slightly to allow draining of contaminated, ground up and used fluid. During a filter and pan transmission service, your car’s magnetic pan is removed and inspected for any issues which might cause excessive metals and clutch fragments. These fragments and metals typically contribute to wear.

Total Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

This service is commonly known as a flush. It involves the conduction and automatic pumping out the fluid. The pumped out fluid is then re-filled into your car with an additional two quarts of fluid. A flush service completely gets rid of old transmission fluids and ensures that your fluids remain clean and effective to protect your car’s parts.

Clutch and Reseal Services

Clutch and reseal are often done on manual transmission vehicles. A reseal service is done to ensure that there exist no leakage points for your transmission fluid which would ordinarily cause improper fluid use and unwanted drainage. During this service, your mechanic will also check your car’s clutch to check any issues with its holding power and slip and heat productions.

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Your car is a significant investment. Keeping it in proper working condition is essential to protect your investment. Your mechanic will recommend different intervals for your car’s transmission test depending on the roads you routinely drive on and your car’s transmission type.