Attracting Attention with Car Graphics Designs

Car specialist applying a car wrapVehicle wraps are some of the most iconic advertising media around. Car graphics designs such as those in Dallas, TX, fascinate people. Painting vehicles with company colors and logo is a common practice the world over. This is taken one step forward with the use of car wraps.

Advantages of Car Wraps

Car wraps could cost up to a couple of thousand dollars. These would be in your car for a minimum of three years before you would think to replace them. The colors will fade, and the wrap will no longer look as appealing. However, it can generate up to 30,000 impressions per day.

In terms of viewership over its lifetime, car wraps will be seen more times and at a cheaper cost compared to other types of advertising, including flyers, print media, radio mentions and others.

With an appealing design, there would even be instances when your audience would want to keep up with the vehicle and take a picture. This leads to second-hand views on social media. The ad is also a way to have an exclusive messaging unlike in other types of media where the ad would share air time.

This also leads to longer-lasting impressions. TV and radio ads are intrusive, leading to desensitized audiences. In contrast, when a car wrap catches the attention of its viewer, the motorist sees it as a welcome respite from traffic.

In Traffic or Parked

Car wraps attract attention. Whether riding in traffic or stationary at a parking lot, it catches attention. It all goes back to innovative design. It is a mobile billboard, bringing with it all the information to call or contact the company.

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For all the fancy graphics, a car wrap is a professional tool, which increases your brand awareness. It not only advertises your services or your message, but it also shows that you have a professional outfit.