Staying Safe on the Road: 5 Important Rules to Follow

man locking in seat beltWhenever you’re behind the wheels, the most important thing you must remember is to always practice safety. Whether you’re alone or have passengers, driving responsibly could go a long way in terms of preventing accidents and staying sound and safe throughout the trip.

To do that, there are road safety rules you must strictly follow that will keep everyone out of harm’s way and here are those.

1. Always Wear Your Seat Belt

The very first rule on road safety is to develop the habit of wearing the safety belt. According to the most recent study of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), seat belts reduce the total number of fatalities and injuries by at least 50%. Aside from that, failing to wear it may earn you fine of up to $100.

2. Check Car Before You Go

To ensure that your car will not cause any trouble as you drive, checking your car regularly is necessary. Aside from receiving regular auto service in Salt Lake City from, a quick visual inspection could prevent engine stalling as well as make you feel safer.

3. Focus on Driving

Refrain from using your phone or mobile devices and keep your eyes on the road. If it’s an emergency call or text, you could always pull over the car in a safe place to answer and attend to it. In addition, avoid any distractions when driving. Your eyes should always be on the road, hands on the wheels and mind is focused on driving. This way you could react quickly if ever the situation requires.

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4. Don’t Drink & Drive

Never ever go behind the wheels when you’re under the influence. Alcohol and drugs weaken your reflexes which affect a person’s ability to control and drive. There are serious consequence when you try to drink and drive which may often result to fine as well as criminal and administrative charge.

5. Use the Lights Properly

There are reasons why your car has signal and headlights. They serve as a form of communication with other motorists to let them know when you’re turning or changing lanes. The headlamps, on the other hand, is not only meant to illuminate the road but is also a form of notification to other vehicles around you.

Knowing these road safety lessons could keep you away from any road-related accidents and injuries. So be sure always to practice these habits to enjoy safe and worry-free travel.