Pointers you may employ to save on Costly Car Expenses Attributable to Car Repair

car start stop engine buttonCars are an essential part of modern living. Other than the initial cost of purchase, however, they come with various expenses. These include repairs, servicing, insurance and gas among others.

You can, however, save on the costs of car ownership through proper maintenance. There are several maintenance services available at Alexandria auto repair shops such as Pinecrest Shell that can help you cut on routine costs. Here are some tips to reduce vehicle expenses through expert maintenance.

Stick To Your Oil Change Schedule

The engine is among the most expensive parts of your car and oil is its lifeline. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change after a 3000 mileage. There are high mileage oils that can be changed after 75000 miles. Check with your mechanic on the ideal oil for your car and its change frequency. Frequent oil changes extend your engine’s life and will significantly save you on expensive repairs.

Maintain the Right Fluid Levels

There are various fluids used in running a car including oil transmission, wiper, power steering, brake and antifreeze fluids. Ensuring these fluids are always enough will save you huge bills for unnecessary repair. You need not wait for the warning lights to come on to rush to your mechanic. Getting a routine for fluid checks with your mechanic is prudent.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

Tires are also expensive more so for SUVs and trucks. To prolong your tires’ life and save cash, keep them well-inflated. Some tires lose about 1-2pounds of air monthly, and frequent checks are essential. Overinflated tires show significant tread wear while underinflated ones increase fuel consumption by over 15%. Both under and over inflation of tires significantly reduces their longevity.

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Ignoring the above guidelines can leave you a frustrated car owner. Your vehicle will have frequent breakdowns, and your road safety will be significantly compromised. Regular professional maintenance is one of the main money savers for a car owner hence you should take it seriously.