Not Sure When to Replace Your Automobile Tires? Three Signs You Need to Make That Change

Car tire closeup Replacing car tires is an inevitable task for car owners, but the actual time when they should be replaced poses a challenge to many people. While it might be tempting to imagine that a tire has to look old and worn out before retiring, that would be an erroneous point of view.

Pick up a few tricks and tips on monitoring your tires and assessing them for telltale signs that point toward replacement. Here’s some advice from

Suitability to Car

It is common practice for automobile manufacturers to provide tire specifications for their cars. Unfortunately, many car owners overlook this either out of ignorance or a desire to save some money.

It is therefore important to look at the car handbook for any tire specifications. Incompatibility between tires and cars could easily lead to instability while the car is in motion.

Aging Tires

Many car owners assume that only evidently worn out tires are really old. An old tire is an old tire, regardless of its age. Tires that are still in use ten years after their manufacture date need replacement. If your tires have been in use for five years, you ought to do a thorough check at least once annually.

The Legal Limit

Many car owners do not know this, but there is a legal wear limit. Any car tire that reaches the limit automatically needs to be changed according to the law. Do you need to wait for this limit before making that important change? It is best to take positive action even before the tire reaches that limit.

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Given the important role that all weather tires play in the use of an automobile, playing by the rules in its maintenance is vital. As a car owner, make it a point to carry out monthly checks on your tires to determine suitability for continued use.