Change Your Car’s Oil in 4 Quick Steps

cars lined upOwning expensive cars, such as a Porsche, requires regular oil changes, especially if you’re in New York City. Although going to a car maintenance center can make it easier, changing your car oil is a simple task that you can do even on your own.

Below is a guide from on how to do it quickly without spending hundreds of dollars.

Step 1: Park your car in an even and hard surface.

Once you’ve found a great place to park your car, run its engine for at least 5 minutes, so the oil flows smoothly without burning you.

Step 2: Find the plug.

Check the owner’s manual to locate the oil plug and use a box-end wrench to open it. Once you’ve found the cap, get a drain pan and put it underneath the plug while you’re draining it. You might want to replace the drain plug if it looks too worn out.

Step 3: Remove the old oil filter.

Find the car’s oil filter and secure the grip. Turn it counterclockwise and twist it to remove it from your engine. There’s a huge chance that there will be oil in the filter, so you have to carefully empty it into the oil pan while cleaning it.

Use an old rag to clean the area where the oil filter is located on your car engine. You may then replace it with a new oil filter. As soon as you’ve added new oil, you may now screw on the oil cap securely before you start your engine for a few minutes.

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These are just a few tips on how to change your car oil. Ensure that you dispose of any used oil responsibly so it doesn’t cause any damage to the environment.