The Latest SUVs Look and Feel Like Cars with Working Class Sensibilities

SUV on the roadThe sport utility vehicle (SUV) market has changed a lot in recent years. The SUV started out as a utility vehicle that doubled as a road car and station wagon. It has then since evolved to meet urban needs of the modern car driver.

When considering luxury SUVs, auto experts at Archibald and Shorter recommend medium-sized, durable ones with thrifty environment-friendly engines.

Midsize SUV

SUVs have a long history of well-engineered vehicles. The newest category is called the crossover SUV. The market is defined by its distinct balance of urban and country use. Cars in this market usually have strong exteriors, high ride height, obstacle clearance, and wading depth.

These specifications give the driver an idea of where they can go, and under what circumstances they can push the limits of the vehicles. At the same time, the crossovers were designed primarily for city driving, hence the allowance for additional passenger space.

In most instances, the cargo space is limited due to the additional third-row seats. Extra space is usually provided by folding the second or third row of seats, as well as the ability to remove them if necessary.

Some vehicles also allow one portion of the rear seat for folding, creating more space for long items.

Short History

The first SUVs started out as smaller copies of the American Willies Jeep, which was used in World War II. The first generation Jeep had a top speed of around 40 miles per hour. Even then, speed was not the main consideration.

These were utility vehicles, which was at home in farms, and in the country, in general. The basic model of the SUV that we have today are based on the Land Rover that started in the 1950s, and the Toyota Land Cruiser, which was popular in the 1970s.

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These are boxy models with 4-wheel drives, high clearance and a roof rack.

These vehicles were also designed with durability in mind, with passenger comfort as an afterthought. In contrast, today’s models are comfortable vehicles with all the latest safety features. The current crop of SUVs are stylish and look more like cars than work vehicles.