3 Key Considerations when Choosing a Bicycle

Man shopping for bikeWith a vast array of bicycles out there, choosing the right bike for you can be quite overwhelming. Well, you can make this task easier by doing some research. You can start by considering three basic factors.


A brand new bike can range from less than $100 to thousands of dollars, depending on many factors, such as the model, size, and features. This is why you need to have a budget and stick to it. When coming up with your budget, however, you should take into account the cost of not only the bicycle itself but also the accessories, says madsencycles.com. A helmet, lock, pump, cargo bike box, and reflectors are just some of the accessories needed for a bicycle.


To determine the type of bicycle best for you, you have to know what you’ll be primarily using your bike for. If you’ll ride it to work, for example, you can get a commuter bike. For off-road riding, a mountain bike is a good choice. There is also the cruiser bike for casual cycling. Additionally, you should consider the kind of surface your bicycle will be on the most. A fat bike is very practical on snow, sand, and mud.


A bike needs protection from the elements—and thieves, for that matter—so storage space will also have to be taken into consideration. Bikes are best stored in a secure place like a garage or basement. However, if you don’t have such space and your only option is to store your bike in your living space, you can use wall or ceiling hooks or freestanding racks. Better yet, you can opt for a folding bike, which doesn’t take up as much space.

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Do your research before getting yourself a bicycle. This will make the process of choosing the best bike for you easier.