The Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts

diiferent car partsPart of proper car maintenance is routinely replacing parts that have fallen out of use due to wear. One of these parts is the battery. Often, old batteries stop working in the middle of the road, and you have to jump start the car — a situation that can cause a hassle while on the highway.

Car dealers in Manukau recommend replacing every five years. They will also advise checking it for physical defects, dirty terminals, and damaged cables more frequently. However, other parts — the brake rotors, the spark plugs, and the fuses — will also need attention.

Brake Rotors

Rotors are responsible for controlling temperatures in the braking system. Over time, the friction (between the callipers and brake pads) that causes the car to stop will lead to the rotors losing efficiency.

Worn out rotors can cause brake failure. If you notice growling noises or squealing as you brake, it might be time to replace brake rotors.

Spark Plugs

When you have difficulty starting your vehicle, perhaps it is due to old plugs. Other signs that you need to replace the spark plugs include misfiring, surging, slow acceleration and rough idling. When getting them replaced, ask your mechanic to clean the terminals and lubricate them.


Say you notice a failing fuse evident from heating problems or problems with the windshield wipers and flashers. The fuses might appear black as well, which is an indication that they need changing. More often than not, the fuses cannot be repaired, meaning that replacement is your only option.

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For your car or truck to remain roadworthy, it is important to keep checking these parts. When you take your vehicle for full servicing, also ask the mechanic to give a professional opinion. Diligent maintenance will make sure that your car runs as good as it can at all times.