Here’s Some Information You Need before Renting a Vehicle

Auckland city skylineOne of the best ways to enjoy New Zealand when you’re visiting with your family or friends is by hiring a vehicle during your visit there.

There are reliable van hire agencies in Auckland that charge affordable rates for their vehicles. If you’re renting a vehicle for the first time, here are three essential things to keep in mind.

You pay extra for each driver

When you rent a car, you’re required to register the drivers you’ll have for the duration you’ll be using the car. The car hire agency will charge you an additional fee for every extra driver you have, whether they are 25 years old or less.

It’s always a good idea to minimise the number of designated drivers so you avoid these extra costs.

Agencies charge younger drivers more

It does not matter to a van hire agency that your son has the best driving history in the entire city, they’ll still have to pay more if they’re less than 25 years of age. That may sound unfair, but the agencies don’t really care. They know that younger drivers tend to be rough drivers, and they’re only trying to protect their assets.

Stick to the paved roads

Many car hire agencies have a policy that prohibits the use of their vehicles on roads that are not paved. That’s if you don’t want to pay extra for taking the van off-road for a spin on the gravel.

Don’t think that your rental car insurance cover gives you the liberty to the driver where you wish as it’ll be voided when you choose to drive on a paved road.

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A rental vehicle helps you enjoy convenient transportation during a holiday with your family, something that public transportation cannot guarantee. By being a little diligent, you can enjoy your visit and still avoid racking up additional, unnecessary expenses.