Eye Glass Frames: Choosing according to your Personality and Style

Woman wearing eyeglassesAre you seeking to achieve a younger, conservative, sophisticated, style-conscious, fun-loving, or wild and fashionable look? Purpose oriented eyewear is your answer. You may also choose to have several eyeglasses for various uses.

What kind of activities do you participate in? What kind of job do you have? What is the color of your hair and eyes? What is your skin tone? For various looks that suit your needs every time, you can settle for multiple pairs of designer glasses from Stoney Creek Eye Care.

That said, here are types of Eyeglass Frames you may want to consider.

Business-oriented eyeglasses

A successful business requires confidence and trust. For you to instill this values among your workmates and clients, it is advisable to go for more conservative colors and frame shapes. For instance, you can purchase classics such as almond, rectangular and oval shapes. Additionally, ensure that these frames have traditional colors such as gold, black, gray, and silver. If you choose to go for plastic frames, ensure that you do not select dramatic colors or shapes.

Fashion Savvy Oriented Glasses

To showcase your fashion-oriented side, modern shapes and dramatic effects are the way to go. Therefore, choose geometric designs that come in larger and thicker plastic or modern metal eyeglass frames. For instance, you may wear large sized glasses in purple, blue or green frames. You may also go for multi-colored glasses such as animal print or flower patterns.

Sporty Eyeglasses

The same way a suit and its accompanying shoes cannot be used at the gym, so are your traditional eyeglasses in the field. As such, for maximum support, safety, comfort and performance, choose a pair of sports eyeglasses.

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As opposed to the widely known belief, one size in eyeglasses does not fit all. While convenience is key, you have various lifestyle and personality aspects. And for you to blend your multidimensional lifestyle, you require multiple pairs of eyeglasses.