Expert Advice on Replacing Different Auto Fluids

Replacing the brake fluidKeeping your car in perfect working condition is essential. One of the most critical yet often overlooked areas of your vehicle is its fluids. You should, for instance, change your oil after 3,000–5,000 miles. Parker Automotive notes it depends on your car’s model, make and year.

Besides the oil, other vital fluids affect the condition of your car. These fluids protect different parts of your vehicle, and they deteriorate over time. Neglecting them can lead to frequent visits to an auto body repair shop in Parker. Here is expert advice on replacing your car’s fluids.

Brake Fluid

There are no clear-cut rules on brake fluid replacement. Experts, however, advise to replace your brake fluid every two years or after 40,000 kilometers to prevent brake failure.

It is also advisable to replace your brake fluid each time you have a major brake replacement to ensure optimum performance of your brake system. Brake fluid should have a golden color so if you notice it has become brown; you should have it changed.

Transmission Fluid

Hard use such as haling heavy loads, towing trailers and frequent long distance driving accelerates deterioration of your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is typically red and darkens with deterioration. Dirt, debris and a burnt odor are all signs that your transmission fluid needs replacing.

Engine Coolant

The most significant indicator that you should replace your engine coolant is when your engine is overheating.

The coolant typically comes in shades of green, blue, yellow and red and any color variation is an indicator that you should replace the coolant. It is wise to check the color of your coolant at least once weekly to prevent costly engine repairs later.

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Replacing your power steering fluid is also essential if you love steering your vehicle smoothly. Experts recommend replacing it after about 50,000–100,000 miles. This ensures your steering gear is well-lubricated and makes driving your vehicle more comfortable.