Rent a Car, Save Money — Here’s How

Man driving carHaving a reliable car when navigating the city is a great source of peace of mind. Nobody wants to go from one place to another and have to negotiate with picky taxi drivers or haggle with other transporters who want you to pay them more than what was agreed.

In instances when traveling efficiently and conveniently is a necessity, a sedan car is ideal. Here are three tips to save money when you rent a sedan car from providers such as in Manila, Philippines.

1. Reserve the car for a longer time.

When you lease a sedan car for a business trip, it is sometimes not possible to extend the rental in case of unforeseen circumstances. TO prepare for instances, you could rent the car for longer than you need.

It might even be cheaper, too. When you rent the car for longer and over the weekend, you are likely to get a discount or a cheaper rate.

2. Drive a hard bargain.

Even if you have finally booked a car that fits your needs, it won’t hurt to swing by the counter to see if you could get any additional discount or a better car.

You do not get what you do not ask for, and it does not cost anything to ask. If the conditions are right — the mood of the clerk on duty, the availability of cars, and the general flow of business on a particular day, you just might get lucky.

3. Pay in advance.

If your itinerary is pretty full, pay the fees up-front. Rental car companies sometimes offer discounts up to 20 percent for travelers that are willing to prepay. Since you are going to pay anyway, why not prepay to get a better deal?

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Having a reliable car when traveling can make or break a trip. Consider these practical tips and save money while on the road.