5 Ways to Keep your Car Protected During the Summer

Man and broken-down carSummer is finally here, and it is time to take those long road trips to visit the beach! Though it may be all fun and excitement for you, it may not be the same for your car. Cars have a tendency to overheat during hotter days.

But there are certain measures that we can take to keep our cars from having problems and needing mechanical, exterior, interior, or engine repairs. Keep these tips in mind and print them out if you need to, so you won’t be stuck trying to repair your car during those hot days.

Get a Sunshade

It’s time you get a proper sunshade for your car windows to keep the inside a little bit cooler. Even if you are just away for a few minutes, putting a window visor up will save your car seats from melting off because of the extreme heat.

Cover your Steering Wheel

Use a damp towel to cover your steering wheel when leaving it out in the open. Nobody wants to touch a scorching hot steering wheel, right?

Choose a Proper Parking

If possible, leave your car somewhere that has some kind of shade. Never mind the long walk – what is important is keeping your car safe from the extreme heat.

Crack your Windows Open

Open them up a little to let the fresh air in. You do not have to open them all the way, as this is, of course, dangerous. Make sure to leave it just cracked open a little, without the possibility of a hand or even a finger going in there.

Get a Fan

A solar-powered fan, that is. These can help your car be cooler by expelling the hot air from inside your car all the way back to the open air. Do this with your windows cracked slightly open, and you have a good combo.

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Remember, keeping your car cool during the summer is very important. If your car is happy, then so will you!