This is Reason Enough to Go Brick with Home Cladding

Wall made out of brickProtecting your home is not just about securing it against criminal threats; it actually has a lot more to do with safeguarding it against external environmental factors.

This is especially true for the exterior facing-side of your property, seeing as these structural components have the greatest exposure to extreme weather.

The good news is, many thanks to the services offered by a licensed and experienced brick masonry contractor here in Fresno, CA, you have the option to enjoy the superior protection of brick cladding.

The impressive protective features of brick are a good enough reason to choose this material for your home’s cladding.

Outstanding protection against fire

Clay, the primary ingredient in brick, undergoes a firing process at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This then makes the bricks themselves non-combustible. As such, when used as a cladding material, they can resist, even confine fires.

Studies conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) backs this claim up.

Great wind resistance

Homes featuring brick as a main structural material offers a significantly higher resistance against winds than those built with other materials, such as fiber-cement siding. In Florida, where many areas fall within the hurricane zones, this is a must-have element for homes.

Furthermore, this particular material goes beyond the even more rigorous impact resistance requirements of critical facilities, making it a truly durable and sturdy building material.

Impressive moisture control

Brick cladding also provides better moisture control compared with other wall cladding materials. In other words, these systems provide a security blanket for your home’s exterior wall surfaces against rains and snow.

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As a result, you can worry less about mold growth, wood decay and rot, insect infestation, and other forms of corrosion.

The superior protection delivered by high-quality brick materials and craftsmanship should be enough reason to make you invest in it as the cladding for your home.