Motorcycle Lifts: The State of Safety and Versatility

Two bikers on the roadMotorcycles have evolved from the first safety bicycles to the ethanol flex fuel motorcycles. Now, more motorbikes are hitting the roads to suit every driver’s needs and lifestyle. As a result, many accessories and lift tables have also been developed to accommodate such changes over time.

Accommodation of Larger and Heavier Vehicles

Lifts range from makeshift raised tables to the distinctive Titan 1500 XLT-E Motorcycle Lift. This addresses larger and heavier vehicles and requires no compressed air. What’s more is it can accommodate up to 1,500 pounds.

Motorcycle enthusiasts would find the versatility of this lift helpful in carrying not just motorcycles, but the heavier ATVs as well. Even the lightest motorbike, which weighs around 300 pounds, and the heaviest motorcycles like some variations of the Harley-Davidson, which weighs around 700 pounds, can easily be lifted.

Most ATVs too, which weighs as much as 1,300 pounds, can also be lifted by this machine. In addition, it has a strong and thicker 12-gauge steel that could hold more weight compared with thinner ones.

No Compressed Air Required

It’s not a problem for Titan 1500 XLT-E to be installed anywhere, as it does not need compressed air. Therefore, no additional air lines are required for air compression.

Compressed air is dangerous to a point that even a few pounds of its pressure can lead to a damaged eye. More so, direct contact with compressed air can lead to air pockets in the body, possibly leading to a heart attack or a respiratory failure.

Unique features like roller plate drop out and rear support poles can lead to a safer tinkering of your motorbike. Perhaps the same sense of safety brought by these extra features is experienced by motorbike drivers as they cruise along the road — safety in one hand, freedom in the other.

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