Fundamental Fire Rescue Tips You Should Know

WildfireWhether you are a rookie firefighter or have been doing rescue missions for decades, you know the importance of not only getting the job done fast and effectively but also safely. Veteran firefighters know that one needs to use both their skills and common sense to achieve best results. That said, here are essential tips to keep in mind while responding to a fire emergency.

Respond with the appropriate equipment

Having the proper equipment is key to conducting a successful rescue mission. Typically, you’ll need a search and rescue UTV, particularly where you are responding to a fire that’s in a hard to reach place. Such a vehicle can quickly transport first responders to the site regardless of the nature of the terrain or weather condition, increasing your chances of saving lives. You’ll also require thermal imaging cameras, sets of iron, and the hose line.

Know your purpose

The top purpose of a primary search and rescue mission is, of course, to save lives. Keep that in mind and avoid unnecessary delays. So, get in there quickly and do a rapid search. You need not be search every inch of every room. That could make you take longer parts of the buildings where people could be trapped.

You need not maintain body contact

One of the first things you’ll be told while training to be a firefighter is to stay close to your partner during a search mission. That makes sense, but it doesn’t mean you can’t lose bodily contact as that would incredibly slow down the mission. A better technique would be to maintain voice contact while searching a few feet away from your partner.

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Of course, there’s much more information about search and rescue than this article covers. But if you can master these basic tips, you will become more proficient in the future missions.