FCAI Says Utes Dominated New Car Sales in Australia in September

Classic cars in a rowAustralian drivers’ penchant for light commercial Utes, particularly for Ford Rangers, manifested in September, according to the Federal Chambers of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

FCAI data showed that Utes dominated new car sales for the month. The monthly statistics rose from a slow August. Sales of Ford Rangers comprised 4,318 units, which made it the most popular Ute among drivers.

Ute Sales

Based on the latest data, the Ford Ranger’s domination of the nationwide Ute sales market took place for the first time in 12 years. It surpassed its long-time rival, the Toyota Hilux, which recorded a second-place finish with 3,822 sales.

However, year-over-year sales reflected a 2.4 per cent drop for September. This largely stemmed from a drop in private sales. Still, the market is expected to post a record year for sales as it rose 0.2 per cent year-to-date. For this reason, sellers of vehicle equipment and accessories, such as diesel kits and car engines, will benefit from an expected record growth for car sales.

Overall Market

The Ford Ranger may have been the most popular Ute in September, but the Toyota model emerged as the runaway favourite. The Japanese car maker recorded 17,337 car sales, which accounted for 17.3 per cent of the market. Given that there are many players in the industry, this percentage could already represent a significant piece of the pie.

When it comes to non-commercial vehicles, Australians bought 3,055 Toyota Corollas in September. Sales of Mazda3 units reached 2,776, whilst drivers who rushed to acquire a Holden Commodore helped uplift sales to 2,547 units for the locally manufactured car.

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Do you prefer a Ford Ranger to a Toyota Hilux? Whichever you choose, it is important to keep your car well-maintained with proper accessories and equipment.