4 Basic Maintenance Care to Keep Your Car Running for Years

Steering Wheel of a CarRoad trips are best enjoyed with an efficiently running car. That's why it's important to check it regularly. Although this task may sound complicated, once you learn how to carry out the job and do it properly, it'll be a no-brainer task for you. 

Examine Wheels & Tyres

Check if the tyres have enough pressure. Every time you reach the 5,000- to 8,000-kilometer mark on the odometer, be sure to rotate the tyres to extend their service life, as well as to balance the weight of the rear and front axles. Examine the tread depth to see whether there's a need for replacements. 

In Hamilton, tyres could usually last five or more years depending on the manufacturer's recommendation. One quick reminder from Tyre Tracks: Always have your wheels re-aligned whenever you make any adjustments to it.

Perform Comprehensive Engine Check

From the drive belts to your engine's fluid levels, be sure to inspect every part of your vehicle. This is one of the most crucial steps in maintaining the efficiency of your car. Be sure to schedule oil change based on the recommended mileage as well as replace worn out pump and drive belts.  

Check the Battery Charge

The main source of power of in any vehicle comes from the battery. If it's not correctly installed or connected, there's a high chance that you might experience breakdowns during your trip. To avoid that, be sure that you recharge as often as necessary and put all the wirings are in their proper places. Remember to connect the positive and negative charge in correct terminals or else it may spark or cause troubles on your car's run. 

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Pay Attention to the Lights

Ensure that all the safety lights are functioning. While on the road, the headlights and tail lights contribute largely on communicating with other drivers as well as in maintaining safety on the roads. Don't ignore warning lights on your dashboard because they often mean something is wrong especially if it flashes an exclamation point signal light.

Know what your car needs. Be sure you continue to do and follow these basic car care advice to ensure your ride will run for more miles and years.