Teach Your Teenager What to Do in a Car Collision

A Wrecked CarMotor vehicle crashes count as the leading cause of death among American teenagers ages 16 to 19. Most accidents occur because of the negligence of the teenage driver, but others also happen due to the negligence of adult drivers on the road.

Prepare for Emergencies

You can protect your teenage child or children by teaching responsibility on the road, as well as how to drive safely. Unfortunately, as indicated previously, some car collisions can still happen because of the negligence of other drivers.

Hopefully, your child will be safe should he or she face an auto accident. Nonetheless, you can teach your teenager what to do.

Call Home

Teach your child to call home no matter how afraid they may be of you. A teenager’s life ranks higher than the condition of a vehicle. Nonetheless, your child must also inform you of what happened to the car, so that you can call ahead to an auto body collision repair shop here in Westford.

Stay Calm and Check for Injury

You can first teach your child to remain calm no matter how stressful or horrifying the situation may be. A level head can keep things from getting any worse. You can next teach your teenager to check for any injuries. When free of injuries, your child can then check up on others in the vehicle.

Call Authorities and Exchange Info

The third step involves calling the police and emergency responders if anyone is injured. Teach your child to provide vital details such as location or injuries. Once someone notifies the authorities, your teenager can then exchange driver information with the other involved party.

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Information includes driver name, address, telephone number, insurance policy, and other contact details.

Take Notes and Pictures

Your teenager can then take down notes of what happened and take pictures of the aftermath. It can be easy to confuse details of the incident later on. Pictures and notes can help keep track of things.

Hopefully, your teenager will live without ever being in a car collision, but it may be best to prepare him or her.