Why It’s the Best Time to Start an Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair shop owner smilingIt may be alarming for small auto repair shops to know that Amazon is potentially getting involved in the biz, but a wise investor would see this as an opportunity to get a head start in a new business venture. If a big company like Amazon is cracking down on this industry, it means there’s money to be made.

Joining the Competition

It’s a smart business strategy, to position yourself where your competitor is. In a small town, that means building your headquarters near your competitor’s, which is ideally in the middle of your target community. Some would play it safe and be in opposite directions, giving each other their fair share of customers, but that would mean getting just half of the foot traffic you could enjoy if you were near your competition.

Though foot traffic is not the concern when both you and Amazon are using quality products such as a Titan auto lift to offer repairs, the digital counterpart, which is accessibility, is still a major consideration.

Your Edge: Personalized Services

Amazon may be a big brand, but its size is exactly what gives you an edge. Starting a small auto repair shop means being able to focus on your first few customers and giving them the level of service they require. You can concentrate on customer satisfaction instead of just merely completing another job order. And because they are from the local community, you can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. Amazon’s countless reviews can be a hit-and-miss, as one can leave a five-star rating while another one can leave a terrible review and cancel that out. Say what you want about online marketing, but people still trust the reviews that come from people they know.

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Don’t let big players like Amazon stop you from starting your auto repair shop. There are ways to beat them.