Car Lift Safety: What Every Auto Body Shop Owner Should Know

Lifted Car on a Repair ShopRegardless of the type of occupation, every job comes with certain risks. However, some are more dangerous than the others. A good example is an auto body shop, wherein the use of lifts plays an integral role in their day-to-day operations.

There are occupational hazards that car technicians and mechanics face, but the greatest ones involve vehicles toppling or crashing down due to faulty lifts.

Because of the critical functions these devices play in such organizations, it is a must that shop owners and managers make certain they invest not just in high-quality products, but the correct type of lifts too.

Investing in the right lifts

As part of the safety policy, these businesses should enforce, purchasing the correct type of lift should take priority. For instance, when shopping around for a BendPak lift for sale from suppliers such as JMC Equipment, it is important you first determine the specific applications you will use it for.

There are four-post and two-post lifts that have specific functions. The four-post variety offers greater versatility and is the much better option for wheel engaging activities. Most auto body shops use the two-post lifts for frame-engaging activities.

Other lifts are also available, although less common. These include scissor lifts, which have varying height (starting from 36 inches) and weight capacities. Portable, in-ground, alignment, mobile column, and parking car lifts are some of the other forms of automotive lifts.

Limiting use amongst trained and experienced operators

Just as important is ensuring that only people who have extensive knowledge and undergone the proper training for the use of the lifts operate these devices.

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Regardless of the impressive safety features of BendPak lifts, if people use them improperly or without any regard for safety, the machines can malfunction and put such individuals at risk.

Through correct use and implementation of lift safety policies, you can keep accidents at bay while also maximizing productivity.