America’s Motorbike Riders Are Getting Older

Men riding their motorcycleMotorcycle manufacturers in the U.S. are targeting a younger demographic for their products, amid an increase in the median age of drivers in some states.

In California, for instance, the Motorcycle Industry Council said that the median age of motorcyclists reached 45 years old in 2012, as opposed to 33 years old in 1990.

Millennial Market

Motorbike manufacturers are particularly gearing their marketing campaigns for millennials, which are expected to have a longer lifespan than Baby Boomers and those from the Gen-X era. Part of their promotional efforts to lure new customers includes more affordable alternatives to cars.

Companies have produced less expensive models not just to boost revenues, but also to influence the median age for drivers nationwide. Honda and Harley-Davidson are just some of the many manufacturers that have launched certain motorbikes suited for the younger generation.

While the traditional market finds ways to lure millennials, sales of off-road bikes particularly in Utah, California and Texas.

Off-Road Growth

If you’ve always wanted to ride a motorbike yet don’t want to spend a huge amount, you can buy used motorcycles from Southpaw Motorsports in Salt Lake City, where off-road bike sales recorded positive growth in the 12 months to March, according to Statistical Surveys Inc.

The market in Salt Lake City-Ogden saw a 20% year-over-year growth, while sales in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Diego market rose 18% each. The San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market also recorded a 17% increase in sales, as well as a 16% growth in the Seattle-Tacoma market, according to the latest data.

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Despite a seemingly higher median age for motorbike rides in the U.S., manufacturers aren’t likely to close shop anytime soon thanks to their targeted marketing campaigns. As millennials are known to be fond of uniqueness, using a motorcycle could very well fall under their bucket list.