4 Ways to Dispose and Recycle Used Tires

A Car TireTires are among the most consumed goods all over the world. In the US alone, there's approximately 300 million used tires that are waiting to be disposed. However, their disposal is not as easy and simple as with your other trash. They must be handled with caution and care because there's a high possibility of environmental risks that could negatively affect human's way of living.

To avoid contributing to earth's destruction, here's how you must dispose and recycle your used tires properly:

Visit a recycling center

Visit some tire and wheel dealers, as majority of them recycle OTR tires. Depending on the shop, you may have to pay a minimum fee for processing the material since they use special equipment to recycle the materials properly. 

Get help from the government

You may also consider going to your local county or municipal government, as they may also offer assistance when it comes to disposing tires. They should be able to help haul all your tires and take them to the department or agency that handles these types of materials.

Find environmental groups

Contact non-government environmental groups to help you get rid of old tires. Most of these organizations may provide recommendations and special programs that deal with tire disposals. They do volunteer works and suggest possible programs where you could send in your used tires. However, unlike the other options on this list, you might need to deliver them yourself.

Donate them

Donate them to schools or public parks. While the tires are no longer useful, these institutions may just find a new purpose for the items. With these materials, they could make playgrounds, benches, fences, and plant boxes. As what the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

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These are just some of the disposal methods you could use if you have old tires. Other than recycling them, you may also try reusing them and turn them into something with a totally different use or purpose.