Protect Your Car from Hail Damage with These Tips

Hail falling on a carHailstorms are dreaded for all the damage and injuries they can cause. Car owners might be especially worried about hail, as hail damage is often nasty and inconvenient. Imagine leaving a brand-new Benz out in the open and letting it get hit by hail. If you can’t imagine it, Google images can give you an idea. If you’re a car guy, one picture is enough to make you wince.

To protect your ride from a hailstorm, follow these simple pieces of advice.

Download a weather app

Weather apps are extremely useful, especially if you’re planning a trip. You can avoid getting stuck in a blizzard or watching through the windshield as golf ball-sized hail pummel your vehicle. As a backup, keep a wind-up or battery-powered radio in your car so you can tune in to weather reports.

Keep your car under a roof

It’s hard to understand people who have perfectly fine garages but are too lazy to drive their car inside, choosing instead to park it on the street. This is not just an invitation for theft and vandalism, but a potential hail target if you are away or not paying attention to the weather. Garage your car! If you don’t have one, invest in a carport. You can find good ones that go for about $120 apiece, a pittance compared to the potential cost of extreme repairs.

Get a car cover

An ordinary car cover can protect your car from bird poop, tree sap, and rain. But it may be no match for hail. As a temporary solution, tape some old blankets over the cover; the thicker, the better. For a lasting solution, buy a Hail Protector cover. But again, these are for car owners that don’t have a garage a carport, or space for a carport. It’s also something you can bring if you’re visiting your folks and expecting a hailstorm in their area the following day.

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Make a mental note of covered parking spaces

In case you’re still on the road before a storm hits, or don’t have anything to cover your car with at home, drive to the nearest covered parking space. Malls typically have them. For last minute saves, find the nearest gas station with a canopy or a service center.

Know where to take your car for repairs

Just in case you fail to get your car in the safety of a cover or a roof, you should know where to take it for hail damage repairs. Get the number and address of a Sussex auto body shop like Merton Auto Body. Professional repairs are better than any DIY solutions you might find on the Internet.

Hail is a pain for car owners, especially if they don’t have a garage. Follow these suggestions and avoid the site of those craters on your roof and hood.