Car Maintenance Projects You Can Do Yourself

Man cleaning his red carOwning a car means dealing with responsibilities, such as paying your registration fee and following traffic rules. As a car owner, you’ll also find that learning certain skills is crucial if you want to keep your ride in good running condition.

Sure, there are always auto service companies out there, but knowing some important kills may be necessary for those days when no help is available. Here are some of them:

Changing a Flat Tire

As long as you have a spare tire, changing a flat one should be easy and will not take more than 30 minutes. All you really need is a jack and some tools to do the job. Of course, once you’ve accomplished this feat, you’ll have to drive the car for a tire repair in Kaysville so that the flat tire may be fixed and inflated.

Replacing the Battery

Batteries are easy enough to replace. Just grab a crescent wrench and start loosening the hold, one terminal at a time. Crescent wrenches are usually bought as a set so if you have a set with you, just choose the one that best fits the size of the bolt you’re trying to loosen up.

Note that you have to know if the battery is dead or just needs a jump. Dead batteries need to be recharged completely in a service area.

Changing the Oil Every 5,000 Miles

Changing the oil is just a matter of finding the oil pan, unplugging it and allowing all the oil to be caught in a container. Grab the oil filter, throw it out and replace it with a new one. Refill the car with brand new oil and check with the dipstick to make sure you have enough. To do this properly, you can check out videos of the procedure online.

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Other car maintenance jobs that you can do yourself involve windshield wiping, air filter change, and a radiator flush. Always check your car’s manual to locate the relevant parts and know when to take your car to the shop for professional servicing and maintenance.