The Balance of Landscaping Gardening

house facadeLandscape gardening is an art form that can be applied to small or large spaces. The aim is to create a beautiful garden that projects harmony and allows nourishing interaction with the outside world. The number of different forms this can take is almost unlimited and as individual as the person perceiving it.

If you are looking for a landscape gardening service, like Town and Country Gardens in Balham, make sure that they get a feel for what you want to get out of your garden. Maybe your idea of the perfect space is high trellises covered in wisteria, lots of lawn with a water feature or perhaps rows of carrot tops and runner beans.

Check out sites like Pinterest for inspiration and decide what your idea of paradise is so you can let your landscape gardener know.

There are certain concepts that your landscape gardeners will balance according to your requirements.

Freedom and Security

Enjoying the outdoors means having space and freedom. However, really letting go also requires some privacy and security. A good garden should be able to offer you both of these feelings. It can be a secluded place to enjoy without creating the feeling that you are in a fortress. There are subtle ways to make attractive boundaries, fences and lines to create this effect.

Abundance and Space

A riot of colour and towering bushes may be just what you are looking for but, even in the most abundant of gardens, you need space to offset and enhance this look. Similarly, if you lean towards minimalism, the accent of a well-placed bush or statue can bring everything together. Your landscape gardener will find out where your preference lies and use their skills to strike the right balance.

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Excellence and Budget

Of course, you want the highest available standards but there is always the budget to consider. Your landscape gardening service will be able to maximise the potential of your allotted budget, so discuss it with them from the outset.

Landscape gardening does not have to be a huge project. It can concentrate on smaller areas of your garden and use them to lift the look of the whole space.