What You Must Have in Your Car at All Times

Man installing the spare tyreYou probably never leave home without your wallet and the keys to your house. When you own a car, there are others things you should never leave home without. Having these in your car at all times can save you from potential hassles and dangers on the road:

Spare tyre

What’s worse than having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere? Not having a spare. Along with a spare tyre, always bring the items needed for replacing a flat: a jack, a tyre iron and reflective triangles. You may also want an inflater you can plug into your car’s lighter socket and a puncture sealer. Tyre Tracks says that these are temporary solutions until you can reach a shop for puncture repairs.

Owner’s manual

Keep the owner’s manual in your glove compartment. When you have to fix something or have to get it done by a mechanic with little experience with the make and model of your car, your owner’s manual has the answer.

First-aid kit

You may need the contents of this kit if you are involved in an emergency or if you pass by somebody who needs help.


Whether you’re replacing a flat or have to walk in the dark of night to ask for help, a flash-light always comes in handy. Throw in an umbrella too for changing a flat under the rain or the heat of the sun.

Spare cash

Keep some cash somewhere discreet in your car. Something as simple as a gas station that does not accept credit cards can be a problem when you have no cash.

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Thick blanket

You can always fold one and stash it in the trunk. If you get stuck in a blizzard, you’ll need it for warmth. If you have to get under the car on a hot day, use it to protect your back from the searing asphalt.

There are plenty more items that can get you out of a tight fix if you ever get in trouble while you’re out on the road. The best thing to do is to take a plastic, watertight box where you can keep the small things you might need — duct tape, scissors, tyre gauge, energy bars, water bottle, first-aid kit, etc. — and put it in the trunk.