Making Truck Wraps Work for Business

A cargo truck on the roadVehicle wraps are more than a novel way to upgrade your car or truck’s look. If you rely on a vehicle in your day-to-day business operations, wraps become an opportunity to generate leads and build your brand in your community. It’s the most eye-catching marketing approach any business can use.

Making truck wraps work for your business involves more than just printing your logo and contact info and then slapping them on your vehicle. Graphic designers agree that creating a wrap is a matter of knowing what you should and should not include in the design.

Mutual Input on the Design Process

Client involvement in the design process is essential for it to produce the best results. Brainstorming and conceptualizing options with the design team makes for a healthy exchange of feedback. Leaving the process entirely to designers often lead to unsatisfactory products for the client, wasting valuable time and resources.

Constant (but not intrusive) client input lets designers refine the visuals until it gets approved for printing. Clients should also be open to the idea of overhauling their current branding. Your existing designs might not translate well to graphics wrapped onto a truck, and designers will tell you what works and what doesn’t in adapting your current design.

Basic, Effective Design Ideas

For starters, clients should consult a graphic designer with knowledge and experience on all stages of the wrap-making process. Rockwall Wraps says the designer should be able to make recommendations for readability, longevity, and ease of installation.

The color is easily the top consideration when brainstorming designs. Choose an appropriate color that reflects the nature of your business, which should also help customers associate that color with the services you offer. Legibility of all text elements is crucial as well, as it communicates a true and reliable image to anyone who comes across your branding. And speaking of text, avoid cramming too much information in the wrap’s design, as it needs to be readable at a glance, with only the most relevant information indicated on it.

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Vehicle wraps function as a 24/7, 365 days-a-year advertising machine, with the bonus of mobility. Combining its striking visual appeal with your truck’s exposure during its trips ensures thousands of impressions a day, leading to more conversion of leads into customers.