How to Cancel Your Car’s Registration in Christchurch

Woman's hand filling up a form related to her carBefore deciding to send your vehicle to car dismantlers in Christchurch, you should take the appropriate steps when you want to apply for a cancellation. It’s critical for you to cancel your registration first, according to the experts at Christchurch Wreckers, which means removing your car from the Motor Vehicle Register.

Here’s an overview of the steps and processes that the New Zealand Transport Agency provides when it comes to applying for cancellation.

Reasons for Cancelling Registration

You need an appropriate reason for cancelling your registration. Aside from car dismantling, there are other considerations or requirements for cancelling your car’s registration.

If your car becomes permanently destroyed or unusable, or you removed it permanently out of the country. This also applies if you made significant modifications to your vehicle or if an insurer has written it off as a complete loss.

However, you are not allowed to cancel the registration if your car has been stolen and has not been recovered yet. You also cannot ask for a cancellation if the car’s plates were lost or stolen, or you only want to replace the plates.

If the car is not registered in your name, or you have sold the vehicle, but the buyer has not informed the agency yet, you are not entitled to cancel the registration.

Application Process for Cancellation

If you’ve made up your mind or it’s required for you to cancel your registration, here are the things you need to do.

1. Fill out the Application to Cancel Registration Form (MR15).
Submit the form and pay the administration fee at a registration agent.

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2. Present your ID and hand over the number plates to the agent to be eligible for a refund of unused licence fees after car dismantling.

3. After accomplishing these steps and paying the necessary fees, you are now free to dispose of your car. Moreover, you could be entitled to a refund.

Requirements for Refund

You are eligible for a refund which is equal to any unexpired paid licence fee. If you plan on taking your vehicle to a car dismantler in Christchurch, you need to get a letter from the dismantling company for confirmation purposes.