Things That Attract Burglars to Your House

Burglar entering the house door at night timeHave you ever wondered which factors burglars consider when targeting a property? Nowadays, putting a lock on a door is not enough for security. To protect your home from burglars, here are things that attract them to break in.

Unsecured doors and windows

Doors that do not have locks or alarms, as well as open windows, are signs that burglars can target your property. Make sure doors and windows you secure them before leaving the house. Avoid leaving keys on mats and potted plants. Use a restricted key system if possible.

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Insufficient Lighting

Burglars avoid well-lit areas. If you do not have sufficient lighting around your home, burglars will consider robbing your property. To avoid this, consider installing external sensor lights that activate through movement.

Lack of security monitoring systems

Burglars attract houses that do not have monitoring systems such as CCTVs. Installing a CCTV system will spook burglars, as it will make for a useful piece of evidence if you catch them.

A neighbourhood without dogs and alarm systems

Dogs are extremely effective in keeping burglars at bay. Homes with monitored burglar alarm systems on their doors and garages is the most effective deterrent, as it provides visual and audible warnings to homeowners. Burglars will also be spooked if you put home security signs around your home’s perimeter.

Piled up mailboxes

Burglars monitor mailboxes to observe routine patterns. If you are not cleaning up your mailbox regularly, you are giving the impression that you are not home.

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Careless disposal of rubbish

Boxes of newly purchased expensive items, bills and banking statements on the waste will give burglars the idea that your home is worth their time. Make sure you double-check these items before disposing of it in your rubbish bin.

Follow these steps now to have a secure home and a safe family.