Great Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Attic

An AtticIn most homes, the attic is just an extra space in the house often used as a storage area for extra furniture or old belongings. Today, many people are transforming their old attics into more functional rooms.

No matter how big or small your house is, there seems to be always a lack of space to meet the needs of your family. As a result, you always look out for extra space for a new bedroom, an entertainment hub or a home office. The attic is an ideal space for an additional room in your house.

A loft conversion in Sussex, a service offered by firms such as Taylor’d Loft Conversions, is one of the most upfront ways of getting extra space in the house. Here are great ideas to maximise your attic space.


The kids would fight over who will stay in the attic. An attic bedroom is a good space for your growing children. It is a spacious room where your children can spend quality time together.


Your attic can be a very spacious and beautiful bath area. It can be a unique bathing space where the windows can add ventilation and natural light to the room. Choose light-coloured tiles and countertops for a more relaxing ambience.

Entertainment Hub

Since the attic is spacious, you can turn it into an entertainment centre for the children. You can add a billiards table, a mini-theatre, a game room and space for board games. They can invite friends over for some quality time bonding.

Play Area

If you have small children who love to play, you can convert the attic into a play area. You can make small castles, tree houses, slides, swings and an area for toys. The good thing is, the spacious room is ideal for children to run around and enjoy playing with siblings or cousins.

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The attic or loft is a very useful space, maximised by converting it into useful spaces.