Don’t Skip Regular (and Professional) Car Servicing

Man fixing the carAll car owners know that their vehicles need routine service or maintenance. This is important to keep the car in good shape and working condition. Despite this, some Kiwi drivers still skip regular inspections and maintenance to save money. Some also resort to basic car servicing at home or DIY service jobs to save even more.

This can be risky, as it is easy to overlook other problems. The same is also true when having the vehicle serviced only when certain problems arise. A few also think that they can service a modern car themselves or become DIY mechanics, while consulting guides or videos on the internet. To save money, many changes their own oil, air cleaners, and filters.

The Need for Professional Service

As there are costly risks to DIY servicing, it is important to budget for regular maintenance and inspection. Regular servicing from qualified mechanics help maximise the value and lifespan of your car. Note that they also have the right tools and equipment the inspection or repair the vehicle. Experts suggest doing so every 10,000 km or six months.

Car Servicing Inclusions

Regular servicing usually includes a break check, oil change, cooling system check, recommendation of necessary repairs or replacement, and more. Many car service providers also offer packages, which can have 20- to 50-point service (the right one will depend on the type of vehicle you have). LRC Automotive added that you might also choose to have a full car service to maintain your vehicle and keep it looking new.

The Deal with New Cars

Don’t believe that new cars don’t need regular servicing. While they have modern parts or are still running efficiently, the still need inspections. You can continue to shine and clean it, but it is not advisable to spread the interior with excessive shields. This can damage the material or make it vulnerable to crack. General servicing and cleaning are enough.

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Make that your car is running efficiently with regular servicing. Whether you need a basic or a comprehensive service will depend on your vehicle and preference.