What to Consider When Buying Steel Products

Before placing your order from a manufacturer or distributor of steel products, it is important to note that steel comes in different densities and forms for different applications. It could be in the form of wire, flat rod, sheet and tube.

Speaking of steel tubes, there are basic guidelines to follow to compile a comprehensive quote you will use to order steel tubes, accessories, press tools and other fitting equipment.

Grade and Shape

Steel is available in different forms. So, the first thing you should know is the type and grade of steel that you are interested in. Specify the shape of steel tubing. Steel tubes come in various shapes, some with rectangular or round cross-sections, while others are hexagon-, square- and oval-shaped.

But that is not all; if you need a specific shape that is less common, you can contact an experienced steel tube manufacturer for a custom design.

Proper Measurements

A steel tube is quantized depending on its wall thickness and the outer diameter; unlike steel pipes, which you determine the size by measuring their inner diameter. Steel tube measurements may also include minimum wall thickness and average wall thickness.

These two measurements represent the actual thickness of the tubing across the length of the steel tube.

Type of Tubing

It is also important to distinguish whether you require welded tubing or seamless tubing. Welded tubing contains a weld seam that is visible, while seamless tubing contains no welded seams. The Drawn over Mandrel tubing is another great option. It is a special type of tubing as it appears to be seamless tubing but has a welded seam.

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To get a more comprehensive quote, you will also need to provide the total quantity and length of tubing that you need.

Now that you have mastered the specifics of quoting the steel products you want to buy, you can go ahead and compile your quote, confident that you know what you need and that the supplier will clearly understand what you mean.