Car Wars: Buying a Used Vehicle vs. Leasing a New One for Your Teen Kid

Many, if not all, teenagers, even Raleigh teens, may feel the want to turn older faster; they seem to think that age permits them to do many “adult” activities. One of the things teenagers look forward to doing when they reach the authorized age is driving.

Once your teenage child learns how to drive and earns a license, you may want to reward your child with a personal car. When you go to car dealers in Raleigh to get your teen kid a car, however, a choice then presents itself. Do you buy a used vehicle or lease a new one?

You should consider the pre-owned choice. Here is why.

Limited Lease Time

On a financial perspective, a new car lease can be costly. You can hire a car for three years at a total cost of several grand. Such a lease ends, however, and you need to pay more for a new lease. With a used car, however, you can keep the vehicle for as long as you want without paying for more than the total cost of the used vehicle.

Additional Costs

Looking at a new car lease in terms of how your teenage child drives, the lease still appears disadvantageous. You may pay for unused lease miles if your child drives only a few miles a week. Conversely, you may pay for penalties for damages or if your child incurs a mileage overage.

Teenagers damage cars more likely in the form of small nicks or bumps.

How to Purchase a Quality Used Vehicle

You can buy a used car for your teenager, and you may discover and enjoy how good an investment it is. To ensure the quality of your used car, you can research which vehicles are reliable. You can have the vehicle’s condition checked by a trusted mechanic. Finally, you can purchase it if you are satisfied.

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A new used car may be a better gift to your child than a leased new vehicle. The choice, however, is yours alone to make.