3 Ways to Protect Your Home Against Theft

Locksmith in SydneyIn Australia, 200,000 burglaries happen annually with 20% of houses being broken into more than once. The most common items they look for are cash, laptops, jewellery, wallets, credit cards, mobile phones, and TVs. Unfortunately, 1 in every 40 homes in Australia are being burgled each year and securing one’s home from theft is important. Home security devices can be installed by locksmith services in Sydney’s suburbs, such as Bondi Junction, to keep your house safe. Here are four effective ways to protect your home from theft.

Lock the Doors and Shut the Blinds

Whether you’re going out for a stroll or a vacation, keep in mind to always lock your doors. Locksmiths can install the proper door and window locks and even use a padlock with the highest-grade security certificate. Moreover, always use window shades or blinds and put them down when you’re away. This way, you won’t be exposing your valuables inside your home.

Limit Access

Don’t make your house a target by clearing the possible hiding spots of a thief. Trim or remove branches and shrubs beside doors and windows to limit access. Increase outdoor lights to illuminate all access points. Secure all possible entry points with a lock, especially the back and garage.

Install a Home Security System

Locksmiths can install the proper home security that can fit your budget. Though a home security system does not guarantee full theft protection, it can certainly decrease the chances of breaking in. Choose a system that uses motion detectors or glass break sensors. Also, choose a system that arms all windows and doors that can provide access.

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If you don’t find any reason in applying these security measures, the bare minimum is to simply lock your front door as well as other entry points. This is coupled by keeping all valuables in a safe place, protecting your keys and regularly changing security codes at all cost.