Keep Your Home Safe And Secure From Burglars With 3 Credible Yet Simple Steps

House with CCTV CameraCrime statistics that homeowners across the US lose their property to burglars every 15 seconds. With the each burglary averaging about $2,000, the losses can add up quickly. Therefore, you should take precautionary measure to keep your home and possessions safe from a prowler. Contrary to popular opinion, securing your home from theft is not particularly difficult or taxing.

Cover the basics

Thieves often take advantage of common security oversights in the home to make away with your valuable. Secure all entry points including windows on the upper levels at all times. Install sturdy doors and reinforce the locks on each of your exterior doors. Burglars are notorious for kicking down flimsy doors, especially when they are hidden away from view. Consider adding a quarter inch of Plexiglas on windows on the lower floors to eliminate smashing risks. Similarly, eliminate any hiding places in the compound by keeping your lawn clean and tidy at all times.

Get creative with your lighting system

Well-illuminated properties register lower burglary attempts since they carry a risk of discovery for the burglar. Nevertheless, it is no longer enough to have the standard lighting systems in and around the home. With a bit of effort, can use lights to create an additional layer of protection in the home. Adding timers and motion sensors to your lights boosts your home security. The sensors respond to movement and switch on the lamps, the same way you would if you were home. Timers help to create an illusion that someone is home, scaring away any would-be burglar.

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Speak to an expert about improving your home security

Seeking expert advice can offer surprising insights into your home safety and help you to secure your possessions more efficiently. For instance, an expert locksmith in Rose Bay can recommend the best deadbolts for your home depending on the kind of door you have. Single deadbolts suit solid doors while the double cylinder deadbolts suit doors with the lock next to a windowpane.