Keep a Productive and Stress-free Office Space

an organised and quiet office spaceNoise levels, especially in the office, can hamper employee productivity and distract visiting clients. A study says that prolonged exposure to office noise can lead to elevated stress levels. Maintain a happy and healthy working environment by considering the following practices.

Take Note of Structure and Design

The structure and overall design of your office plays a huge part in maintaining a quiet and peaceful workspace. If you have an open office space, invest in the following building elements:

Ceilings – regular ceiling tiles bounce sound in the same direction, resulting in a louder, more collective noise. Prevent this by investing in acoustical ceiling tiles that absorb more ambient sound and reduce reverberation.

Flooring – Office noise does not end with music and voices Movement plays a huge part, too. You can replace hard flooring carpet with cushion-backed carpet tiles. A Milliken carpet also offers noise control solutions for commercial spaces.

Provide Dedicated Work Spaces

Provide dedicated quiet and loud spaces that your employees can utilise depending on their mood or need. For example, you can devote an empty room or unused conference room into a “Reflection Room,” which allows employees to focus on an important task or project. An “Activity Room,” on the other hand, can be a pantry or game room that encourages interaction and discussion.

Experiment with Sound Masking

Zeroing out noise is difficult, especially in large, companies. If this is the case, experiment with sound masking, a technique that utilises ambient noise (such as white noise or the sound of rainfall) to cover up disruptive sounds. Sound masking, as the name implies, doesn’t make a space quieter, it just makes sound less disruptive than the usual.

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If a quieter workspace can greatly improve the performance and mood of your employees, consider the above-mentioned techniques to maintain a happier and more productive office.