Home Space Tricks Through Loft Conversions

Having a modern, cosy and spacious home is a dream come true for many families. However, only a few families can afford detached houses that can accommodate many visitors and have various storage facilities. Some families are in need of storage and space, while others want to have a new interior layout of their home but could not afford to spend too much.

Taylor’d Loft Conversions recommend repurposing your old space into something useful. Besides additional spaces and trendy styles, loft conversions bulk up your house’s market value.

Here are three tricks you can do in converting your loft conversions.

Trick 1: Add a room to your home without demolishing any corner and wall.

You can always add a room in any property renovation. But only loft conversions can do without spending too much and demolishing some corners and walls of your house.

If you want an additional bedroom for your kids, or space for guests, or a refreshing living room, all you need is a loft conversion and a homebuilding agency that will help you in the design.

Trick 2: Make your home trendy and modern.

If you feel that the design of your house is dated, or you just want a breath of fresh air, a loft conversion is your best option. You can change the look of your house from the inside and outside by adding more windows, so there’s more sunlight indoors.

Trick 3: No planning permission needed, no hassle.

A loft conversion is one of the types of renovation in the UK that doesn’t need a planning permission from the government. According to the amended General Permitted Development (England) Order 2015, a loft conversion is a permitted development, and it does not require an application for planning permission.

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These are only some of the best tricks you can offer to your family when converting a loft. But whatever you do, don’t forget to consult a housing developer or hire a loft designer before commencing the project. Gathering practical knowledge maximises benefits of your property.