The Machine Shop and Its Many Possible Uses

Machine ShopOperating your own machine shop is a good idea for business, but it’s not only for entrepreneurial pursuits. A shop can be for your art too, especially if you’re a sculptor or mixed media artist who likes to use machines and materials in your craft.

Here are some productive things you can do when you have a machine shop in your garage or a separate structure on your property:

Make tools

There are actually a lot of people who make specialized tools for different items. It’s not an easy job; it takes patience, training, experience, and precision. You’ll probably need a reliable supplier of Swiss CNC machine and steel, which can give you that precision in making small tools.

Build sculptures

With your tools and equipment, such as a welding machine, you can build sculptures, busts, and other works of art using materials like steel. Many artists recycle and repurpose steel and plastic. Anything from broken bicycle parts to ceiling fans is fair game for the creative mind. The resulting products are often amazing and intricate. This is also a good business idea, as you can sell what you make or be commissioned to create sculptures for customers.


If you’re the type who can build things from scratch and have ideas that might actually be of use, you can invent in your shop. You’ll need a good table for drawing your creations before building them. You are probably going to use equipment and tools like a soldering iron, wrenches, nuts and bolts, a welding machine, and a lathe.

Fix cars

Of course, if you have a machine shop, you can also equip it to be able to fix cars. It’s perfect for maintaining your own car, but it can also slowly turn into a business. Some custom builders take one project at a time and work on the car in their garage. You can do this for your friends first, then build your network from there. You might need a car lift and other auto mechanic equipment and tools for this.

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A machine shop is never a waste of resources. There are many things you can do with it. From spending a few hours a day just working on personal projects, to spending entire workdays in it as your primary source of income.