Queensland Plans Testing for Rental Cars

Car Dealerships in QueenslandThe Transportation and Utilities Committee in Queensland proposed a rule that would require rental cars more than five years to undergo a roadworthiness test.

The panel has floated the proposed legislation, as they evaluate another bill that would address offensive advertisements or slogans plastered on vehicles. If enacted, car dealerships in Queensland and other auto companies would need to screen vehicles and make sure they do not contain unpleasant advertising.

Queensland’s Orders

The parliamentary committee in Queensland has been studying the bill after public complaints about rude ads seen on some cars. The panel also suggested that for-hire vehicles should have a roadworthy safety certificate if these are more than five years old.

Shane King, chairman of the Transportation and Utilities Committee, said that the certificate will aim to protect tourists from driving older vehicles that mostly have a limited number of safety features. It will also help the state maintain its good reputation amongst travellers, King added.

Auto Bill

While the state is busy with revising its laws on cars, nationwide sales have dropped once again in December 2016. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that total passenger vehicle sales fell 0.4% across Australia.

However, monthly sales for other vehicle types increased 0.3%. In addition, Australians bought 1.18 million new cars last year, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. That figure was considered to be a new national sales record, so the monthly drop in December does not seem too bad after all.

Now that Queensland reviews a bill that would enforce stricter rules on slogans and other print materials on cars, ask yourself if you will not violate it. If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to buy a new car o start cleaning up your vehicle to comply with the rule once it is enacted into law.

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