Buying Nitrogen Gas in Bulk VS Manufacturing Your Own

nitrogen gas tank Industries have many uses for nitrogen. Companies often use them alongside compressed air systems for mechanical engines and hydraulics. As a result, the demand for nitrogen gas is high.

To keep up with the steady demand, companies often buy their nitrogen supply in bulk and it can be quite expensive. Companies like Air Energy, a supplier of industrial pipework systems, believe there is a more cost-effective way to acquire liquid nitrogen without resorting to bulk purchases: manufacturing your own.

Storage and Delivery

Safety standards require companies to have bulk tanks with thick padded walls to hold the pressure in and keep nitrogen in its liquid form. The high cost of a bulk tank, which can cost up to $50,000, however, is the main reason why most industries do not have their own tanks installed.

Nitrogen can also be stored in dewar containers, but they have a lower storage capacity. If your facility has low nitrogen use, a portable dewar is enough to meet your needs. Prices for acquiring nitrogen in this way, however, can build up pretty quickly.

Nitrogen Generation

Producing your own supply is an excellent way to cut costs in the long run. A nitrogen gas system can be costly upfront investment—considering storage and transportation fees, bulk deliveries can cost as a large amount of money per cubic feet. Generating your own nitrogen gas on-site, however, can reduce your expenses. With frequent use, a nitrogen gas system can help you regain previous costs after a year.

Off-shore oil drilling sites often have their own gas generation system and it saves them a significant amount of money every year. Other manufacturing, food, and pharmaceutical industries have likewise started using their own generation systems for compressed air needs.

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Companies can save a lot of money through on-site nitrogen generation. They do not only increase productivity but improve overall productivity. It is no wonder generating nitrogen gas is gaining popularity across industries nationwide.