5 Amazing Ways Shot Peening Can Help Your Business

Metal ManufacturingIn order to prolong the life of a metal part, it goes through a shot peening process. Simply put, this technique helps prevent failures due to stress, corrosion and fatigue. Find out what this procedure can do for your business.

1. It prolongs the part’s shelf life with a small budget

Compared to other finishing processes, shot peening is considered the cheapest yet the most effective when it comes to making a metal part last longer.

2. It doubles as a correction process

Other than strengthening the metal part, shot peening likewise corrects any distortions and reduces the signs of wear and tear. It gives lightweight metal parts high resistance to fatigue and stress.

3. It helps improve customer satisfaction

Long-lasting products made from high-quality materials and through effective processes become industry leaders and standards. By providing high-quality products, you can achieve better customer satisfaction.

4. It improves business operation

Any improvement in the manufacturing process promotes better products and faster production time. Because shot peening can help create stronger products, it means there are fewer chances of returns or repairs, which then promotes better business operations.

5. It helps you land bigger accounts

Consider the process as an investment for your business, as it will help you close bigger accounts that require precise, superior products. Shot peening allows you to cater to satisfy more clients and build strong and lasting relationships.

Shot peening is wildly used for manufacturing metal parts, such as landing gear, camshafts, compressor disks, connecting rods, aircraft wheels, turbine disks, compressor roots and airfoil and coil springs. If you are in the metal part production business, consider using this metal finishing process to create products that will lead the competition.

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